"As long as it’s you
I will never care of where,
or even of how."

Gospel 10/19/14

If I had to choose, I think this has to be my all time favorite Gospel reading.  A couple years ago, I was just so mind blown by the deeper meaning.  Here is the reading if you want to take a look at it.

I have heard this story many times growing up and never really knew what it meant.  Like okay, Pharisees are trying to trick Jesus and find fault in Him because they don’t like Him, and Jesus, being Jesus is this awesome sauce guy, gives this answer that gets around the Pharisees’ trap by not only answering their question, but also pleasing both the Jews and Romans.  Nothing special right?  I mean seriously, this is God’s Son incarnate we’re talking about.  It’s such a simple answer.

Welp, I was wrong and turns out there was much more than that simple answer.

"Then repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God."  Matthew 22:21

This verse is what knocked me out of my socks.  Jesus says to repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar because of the coin having the image of Caesar on it.  However, that’s not the main part.  The main idea is repaying God what belongs to God.  Now think about it.  Using Jesus’ logic with Caesar, what is it that we should be repaying to God?

It is our very selves.

Each one of us is made in God’s image.  Similar to the coin having Caesar’s image on it, we go around with God’s image on us.  We are in debt to the everyday grace and forgiveness that He gives us.  We belong to Him.  This verse also ties together our societal duties and our spiritual/religious duties.  It is not a pick and choose, but rather our responsibility to fulfill both.  We give what is needed in each of our communities of this world, but that does not mean we forsake God in order to do so and vice versa.

So yup!  If this wasn’t as mind blowing for you, sorry for hyping it up, but I do hope you took something away from this.  Hopefully I’ll be doing this more often granted I’m not swamped in schoolwork.  Now to get back to studying..

"I have learned…that the Lord can fill the soul with Himself, when He takes away what seemed indispensable to our happiness on earth."

Andrew Bonar  (via craigtowens)

(via worshipgifs)

"You’re allowed to need,
and you are allowed to lean.
I am here for you."